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I noticed that hh.exe is capable of decompiling a .chm file to a set of .html files. But in order to work it requires the path to the file be current directory and the filename be the filename itself, without allowing full path.

For example, this will work (in cmd): c:\MyDir>hh -decompile extracted MyFile.chm

This won't work:

c:>hh -decompile extracted c:\MyDir\MyFile.chm

This is relevant because I want to use a shell command from the registry to decompile the .chm file, and the parameter "%1" gives me the full path to the file only, and I don't know of a way to receive only the filename without the path

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Try passing forward slash eg:

c:\>hh -decompile extracted c:/MyDir/MyFile.chm
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You could also try to open command line in the folder containing your .chm file, try 'shift' key and 'right click' mouse button and "Open command window here" option. Make sure no file is sellected. regards, joe

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