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  • with [myLayer setName:@"layer_1"] I set the name of a layer. But how can I get it from another method? Is there something like [self.view.layer.sublayers getLayerByName:@"layer_1"]?
  • how to animate a CALayer to move it to another position with a nice smooth effect?
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The name property is primarily intended for use by some layout managers, except layout managers don't exist on iOS, so all it's really useful for at this point is debugging.

As for animation, if you're using a CALayer you created yourself, you'll get implicit animations when you change properties. You can set explicit animations using the CAAnimation subclasses, and you can also tweak some parameters of the implicit ones with CATransaction.

If you're using a layer that's associated with a UIView, all implicit animations are disabled. You can still create explicit ones with the CAAnimation subclasses, or you can use the UIView animation methods.

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For a layer that's associated with a UIView you mean self.view.layer right? I've created a new layer with CALayer *layer = [CALayer layer]. The animation works fine. For getting my layer created in the viewDidLoad method I use an instance variable CALayer *mylayer, it's ok? Thanks. – Fred Collins Sep 29 '11 at 22:07
Yes, a layer pulled from view.layer will have implicit animations suppressed. A layer created with [CALayer layer] will support implicit animations just fine. – Kevin Ballard Sep 29 '11 at 23:10

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