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I am trying to add the error messages to my validation object.

It says that errors is not a method of Validation_Exception. That I know... The thing is that I though the $e variable would be the instance of the Validation Class in the model. My question is how can attach the error messages?


ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: Call to undefined method Validation_Exception::errors()


208             // redirect to the user account
209             $this->request->redirect('user/profile');
210          } catch (Validation_Exception $e) {
211             // Get errors for display in view
212             // Note how the first param is the path to the message file (e.g. /messages/register.php)
213             $errors = $e->errors('register/user');
214             // Move external errors to main array, for post helper compatibility
215             $errors = array_merge($errors, (isset($errors['_external']) ? $errors['_external'] : array()));
216             $view->set('errors', $errors);
217             // Pass on the old form values
218             $_POST['password'] = $_POST['password_confirm'] = '';


$validation = Validation::factory($fields)
                    ->rules('username', $this->_rules['username'])
                    ->rule('username', array($this, 'username_available'), array(':validation', ':field'))
                    ->rules('email', $this->_rules['email'])
                    ->rule('email', array($this, 'email_available'), array(':validation', ':field'))
                    ->rules('password', $this->_rules['password'])
                    ->rules('password_confirm', $this->_rules['password_confirm']);

            if (Kohana::config('useradmin')->activation_code) {
                    $validation->rule('activation_code', array($this, 'check_activation_code'), array(':validation', ':field'));

                    throw new Validation_Exception($validation, __('Your registering information is not valid.'));

I really don't see why this error is accuring.

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You have basically answered your own question - Validation_Exception doesn't have errors method. You need to call it from Validation object instead.

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So what can I throw as an Exception? – jnbdz Sep 30 '11 at 16:42
A Validation_Exception. Then use $e->array->errors(). – Darsstar Sep 30 '11 at 21:42

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