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I am using the delayed_jobs gem but using it against 2 queues. I have mapped my models against the correct queues (dbs) to establish correct connections.

The jobs get entered in fine - however, delayed_jobs will process one queue fine but not the other. I am trying to manually force it to process the email queue but it simply won't.

Is there a way to config/force it to? Or pass it the correct backend to process?

See below I am counting jobs - getting a correct count. However, if I try to 'work_off' the queue its showing 0 success/fails.

Pretty sure because its hitting the wrong queue. Any ideas?

Delayed::Worker::Email::Job.count => 12032

Delayed::Worker.new(:backend => Email::Job).work_off => [0, 0]

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I ended up just going with one queue. This seemed to work best and save the headache of juggling two. Would be cool if DJ would eventually support multi-backends/queues.

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Do you have an aversion to Resque? "Multiple queues" is a standard feature. –  Kelly Oct 5 '11 at 2:06

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