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For demonstrating the activity life cycle, I have added TextToSpeech messages

mTts.speak ("<some text>", TextToSpeech.QUEUE_ADD, null);

to hear when I am going through onCreate, onResume, and onPause.


In onCreate, you don't hear the text to be spoken (obviously because the activity has not yet resumed?).

In onPause, the text spoken was mutilated (obviously because of leaving the activity while the text is spoken?).

Building a loop


assured the text was completely spoken.

Much more strange is the behaviour in onResume:

  • Starting the activity the text in onResume is not spoken.

  • Pressing the HW Home button and opening the app again the text in onResume is spoken.

Of course onResume is executed in both cases. For the matter of fact I assigned a string

  • in onResume: speakOnResume = "on resume"

  • in onCreate: speakOnCreate = "on create"

and added an event callback to the activity where I called

mTts.speak (speakOnResume + " " + speakOnCreate, TextToSpeech.QUEUE_ADD, null);

and of course the lady spoke as expected

Now the question:

Any idea, why onResume behaves differently when starting the activity from scratch v.s. when (in the word's sense) resuming it after it was paused without stopping/destroying?

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