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I have a dataset in Reporting Services that looks something like this:

 ID  |  Type  | Name   
  1  |   A    | Mary  
  2  |   A    | Joe  
  3  |   D    | Steve  
 12  |   F    | Irving

I want to show a textbox IF AND ONLY IF there exists a row where type = A. Basically, I want to do "Fields!Type.Contains("A")" and bind the visibility to the result. Is this a backwards approach?

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Create an invisible column with an expression that returns 1 if the value of the Type column is A. Create a sum of that column and use that in the expression behind the visibility property of your TextBox.

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I think you might even be able to do the same thing using First or Max without the extra column – adolf garlic Apr 17 '09 at 14:13

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