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Below is the report I have created. I would like to draw a line after every group as depicted with red line in the image.
Tried meddling with Textbox Properties > Border Style expression. But that would not stay once I close and reopen it.
If I set border for whole group, the line would repeat for every row in group which I dont want.

Any help?

enter image description here

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If your conditional formatting is not sticking when you run your report, try checking this post out: joellipman.com/articles/microsoft/reporting-services/… – user1197721 Feb 8 '12 at 16:40
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For the ProductionCountry select the entire country group row.

In the properties, enter the expression below for the top border

=Iif(Fields!ProductionCountry.Value = Previous(Fields!ProductionCountry.Value) OR Fields!ProductionCountry.Value = First(Fields!ProductionCountry.Value, "mydataset"),"None","Solid")

Change the dataset value above to match the dataset name of your report.


If ( current row belongs to the same group as the previous row  OR current group row is the first of the dataset, set border to none, set border to solid)
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thanks a lot i have searched a a lot... – Lijo Sep 24 '14 at 9:23
Amazing use of expressions! I needed visibility of a line between instances of a group but not on the last one so I used your expression and just looked to make sure it wasn't the last one. – Jt2ouan Feb 28 '15 at 22:43

Select the entire detail row and add this expression to the BorderStyle-Top property:

=IIF((Previous(Fields!ProductionCountry.Value) <> Fields!ProductionCountry.Value) 
    OR (Previous(Fields!IndustryName.Value) <> Fields!IndustryName.Value) 
    OR (Previous(Fields!ProductGroup.Value) <> Fields!ProductGroup.Value), 
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Thanks for your time again Chris. Much appreciated. – Null Head Oct 3 '11 at 3:16

To improve on @niktrs's answer, I would suggest:

=Iif(Fields!ProductionCountry.Value = Previous(Fields!ProductionCountry.Value) OR IsNothing(Previous(Fields!ProductionCountry.Value)),"None","Solid")

This has the advantage of not adding a line on the initial group row, even when the first group displayed isn't the first group in the dataset, for example where sorting or filtering is in place.

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What I found really easy to do is define the top border for the group. In this way each new group adds a border between the last row of the previous group and the first one of the new group. It also adds a border after the headers.

This solution does not draw a border at the end of the last row. If you need that border too, you can define the bottom border for the tablix that contains the groups.

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=Iif(Fields!ProductionCountry.Value ="","None","Solid")

also change the border default none left solid right solid bottom none top the above expression. and to the rectangle properties change bootom order..

i tried like this for the top border and it was working fine...

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In my case I have an aggregate value so I cant use previous function so I hard coded the first value from the group which I knew that is going to be the first value in that group.Then in Border Style I used this expression

Top =iif(Fields!Group_Name.Value="Hard Corded(first value)","Solid","None")

Also in Border Color used this expression

=iif(Fields!Group_Name.Value="Hard Corded(first value)",,"Black","LightGrey")
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