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I want to debug a info box that shows when I mouse over a google map marker. But google map disables right click anywhere on the map canvas, so I can't inspect the element for debugging / viewing purposes.

I tried to search for the element by the href content in the elements tab, but it didn't show up on search.

Is there a way to inspect element despite the lack of right click?

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I don't think browsers should let pages block right click. It doesn't achieve anything but frustrating users. We deserve better. –  Colonel Panic Jul 1 at 10:45

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Sure, you can open the devtools with Ctrl+Shift+I, and then click the inspect element button (magnifying glass)

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That's it! I didn't know about this function. Thanks. –  Clark Sep 30 '11 at 2:39
In case you can't open dev tools with Ctrl + Shift + I, you may open it by clicking on Developer Tools sub-menu from More Tools in Google Chrome menu. –  Ehsan Abd May 8 at 7:06
Or just press F12 –  Stefan Steiger Aug 13 at 8:40

On Mac OS you have to press: CMD+ALT+I

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I prefer CMD+SHIFT+c. –  Tyler Collier Jun 4 '14 at 22:42

So use the short cut keys , Press ctrl + shift + I and then Click on Magnifying Option on Left side and Then Hover the mouse cursor and you will be navigate to proper way

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CTRL+SHIFT+I brings up the developers tools.

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Press F12 to Inspect Element and Ctrl+U to View Page Source

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