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i have a host running syslog-ng. it does all it's stuff locally fine (creating log files etc). however, i would like to forward ALL of it's logs to a remote machine - specifically to one facility on the remote machine (local4). i tried playing around with rewrite (set-facility) and templates within the destination (syntax errors) - but to no avail.

destination remote_server { 
  udp(\"\" port (514)); 
  udp(\"\" port (514));
rewrite r_local4 {
filter f_alllogs {
  level (debug...emerg);
log {
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AFAIK, currently it is not possible to modify the facility of a message in syslog-ng.

Is there a special reason you want to do it?

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thanks for the response: yes, i have an appliance that i would like to export to a specific log file on a remote server. i was thinking of doing a logger command or something but thought that there must be a better way. –  yee379 Oct 10 '11 at 5:00

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