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I understand that there is no specific method in the Thread class that allows a program to check how many remaining time a thread has before it wakes up. But in case you need such feature, how would you implement it?

For example I have: Thread A - at a certain condition it waits for an amount of time. Thread B - doesn't know that thread A is set to wait for an amount of time.

Questions: 1. Is there a way for thead B to determine how many millis the thread A is set to wait? 2. How about determining how much time is remaining before the wait expires? 3. Another Thread C found that the System clock has changed, is there a way for it to determine the remaining time based on the new system clock?


------- Edit -----

What I actually want to accomplish is to have a process scheduled to run at a specific time. I do not want to use the TimerTask for some reason so I created a Thread that will wait by (FutureDate - CurrentDate). I want to interrupt this waiting IF the system's date and time has changed (New.System.Date). Now if the (FutureDate - New.System.Date) is not so much different with (FutureDate - OldSystemDate) say just a few seconds, I wouldn't want to interrup the waiting. But if huge like a few minutes then I will have to reset the waiting to another (FutureDate - New.System.Date).

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What are you trying to do? There is probably a different approach. – Thilo Sep 30 '11 at 3:06
What would be the function of such feature? If you wanted to implement this, then you would have a public property or method exposed that you would query the time passed since the thread was put to sleep and it would subtract that from the time the thread has been sleeping... it wouldn't really be useful for anything, but it's possible if you were writing your own thread class. – Lirik Sep 30 '11 at 3:09
I edited my post to provide more details on what I actually want to accomplish. – demotics2002 Sep 30 '11 at 3:48
Are you using Thread.sleep, I'm assuming? – simplyianm Sep 30 '11 at 4:55
im using wait. I think i found the solution. In the thread object which waits, I'll add a Date field and set its value right before the wait() is called. i can then add a method that returns the elapsed time of wait by doing System.getTime....-DateThreadStartedWaiting. – demotics2002 Sep 30 '11 at 5:49

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