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When making a connection from Java to Adobe LiveCycle ES 2.5, the Setting connection properties page lists the default connection properties you should use depending on your server type.

For WebLogic, it is this:

Properties ConnectionProps = new Properties();
connectionProps.setProperty(ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_DEFAULT_EJB_ENDPOINT, "t3://localhost:7001");
connectionProps.setProperty(ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_SERVER_TYPE, "WebLogic");
connectionProps.setProperty(ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_CREDENTIAL_USERNAME, "administrator");
connectionProps.setProperty(ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_CREDENTIAL_PASSWORD, "password")

ServiceClientFactory myFactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(connectionProps);

My problem is this: on our WebLogic server, the above fails with the following exception:

Caused by: java.net.ConnectException: t3://localhost:7001: Destination unreachable; nested exception is:

However, if I simply ignore connectionProps, it works:

ServiceClientFactory myFactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance();

SO, what is going on here? Is Adobe wrong, and you don't use connectionProps for WebLogic, or is there some WebLogic configuration that we are missing? What does it mean when I use ServiceClientFactory.createInstance() - without connectionProps?

Thanks for any advice!

Rob :)

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Answer given on the this Google Group Post: only need the configuration values if you are connecting to a LiveCycle running in a different JVM.



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