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I want to create 2 websites on a single code base in asp.net. lets for say :



I need to keep all the appsetting key name sames but with different values for each of the websites.So i need to maintain two web.config files in my code base.

After exploring on internet , i found to keep both of the web.config files in different folders in the code base.

Bow the problem is, how can i link each of the different web.config file with its corrosponding Virtual directory for each the website because both of the Virtual directories will target the same folder of code base.

I really neede it as i have to finish this work within this week.


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If you really want to serve both site from one application/virtual directory, the only solution I can come up with is as follows:

  <add key="setting[www.domain1.com]" value="foo" />
  <add key="setting[www.domain2.com]" value="bar" />

And then access these accordingly:

var setting = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["setting[" + request.Domain + "]"];
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It's like adding up two keys for same work. Is not it? I dont want to maitain two keys for a work as it will impose a big code change on my team in the current code base. Rather i want to keep same key for a work for both of the websites to avoid major code changes. If it would be so simple, then i wouldn't ask such a question. Is not it Mr Anton ? –  Riky Sep 30 '11 at 7:23
Not sure I understand you. Having twice as many keys in a single web.config is IMO better than having two separate web.configs with all the heavy duplication. –  Anton Gogolev Sep 30 '11 at 7:26

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