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I'm looking for a good publishing platform with a good media gallery. I'll need to show several sorts of video and images, so a good media gallery is a must. I've tried drupal, but I don't like the node organization structure. I'm searching for a simple URL scheme, because in the future I may want to migrate my static html site to this platform.

So I prefer a platform where urls are like kinda like the atlassian confluence urls (ex: confluence/display/TKB/Technical+Details). This way I'll be able to make a simple script to migrate my static page to the dynamic version.

Edit: The CMS/publishing platform must run on PHP.

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Are you looking for something opensource? you can try looking at Drupal or Joomla. Although, I recommend Drupal.

But if you are looking for your enterprise, you should really look at Alfresco.

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I would heartily get behind Wordpress. It is targeted at the blogging community, but a lot of "serious" sites use it with much success:

It has many great media-handling plugins:

and also can be customized to produce whatever URLs you want:

I've used it to develop 4 sites so far, and it's easy to customize, and has a great user-base. FTW.

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There's been some growing buzz around Concrete5 lately. The URL scheme is easy and straight forward (you pick the slugs), and a full file/media manager and a plug-in marketplace. I've been using it for client work and it's a nice mix of brain-dead-easy to use for clients, while still being powerful enough for a developer who knows what they're doing.

Worth a look.

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Some of the concrete 5 plugins are paid. I'm not interested in that. – Miguel Ping Apr 18 '09 at 12:47

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