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I am having one weird problem.I am getting time of the day like 800 , 1200 ...

i want output String like 8:00,12:00.. I know alternatives but can anyone suggests me shortest way to complete it ..?plz

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One way to do it:

echo preg_replace('^(\d{1,2})(\d{2})$', '$1:$2', $time);
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Another way

echo substr($time, 0, 3 === strlen($time) ? 1 : 2) . ':' . substr($time, -2);

Or you can normalize the length

$time = str_pad($time, 4, 0, STR_PAD_LEFT);

echo substr($time, 0, 2) . ':' . substr($time, 2, 2);
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if your source is string like "800" or "1200" then solution by deceze will do :

preg_replace('^(\d{1,2})(\d{2})$', '$1:$2', $time);

but if it's matter of date formatting then this is the right way to do it

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