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I am working on Oracle 10gR2.

I am working on a column which stores username. Let's say that one of the values in this column is "Ankur". I want to fetch all records where username is a concatenated string of "Ankur" followed by some numerical digits, like "Ankur1", "Ankur2", "Ankur345" and so on. I do not want to get records with values such as "Ankurab1" - that is anything which is concatenation of some characters to my input string.

I tried to use REGEX functions to achieve the desired result, but am not able to.

I was trying:

SELECT 1 FROM dual WHERE regexp_like ('Ankur123', '^Ankur[:digit:]$');

Can anyone help me here?

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I was trying REGEX_LIKE SELECT 1 FROM dual WHERE regexp_like ('Ankur123', '^Ankur[:digit:]$'); –  Incognito Sep 30 '11 at 7:00
This does not work, as I believe REGEX_ functions only expect wild card characters and patterns for matching and evaluating expressions. I am clueless as to how I can pass on a defined value and then specify wild card characters for a match –  Incognito Sep 30 '11 at 7:01

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Oracle uses POSIX EREs (which don't support the common \d shorthand), so you can use


Your version would nearly have worked, too:


One set of [...] for the character class, and one for the [:digit:] subset. And of course a + to allow more than just one digit.

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You were close

Try regexp_like ('Ankur123', '^Ankur[[:digit:]]+$') instead.

Note the [[ instead of the single [ and the + in front of the $.

Without the + the regexp only matches for exactly one digit after the String Ankur.

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