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Is it only classes inheriting from UIControl that can become "first responder"? I need a button in the navigation bar that brings up a UIPickerView using the inputView/inputAccessoryView properties. I know that I can use the customView property of the UIBarButtonItem and create a custom UIButton, but this would need "Photo Shopping" to create an image similar to the UIBarButtonItem "Done" style button (which is what I want).

Any suggestions how/if I can get UIBarButtonItem to become first responder?

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Basically any class which inherits from UIResponder (not just UIControl, but also UIView subclasses) can become first responders, but UIBarButtonItem inherits from UIBarItem and NSObject. Hence it can not become the first responder.

Out of curiosity, what you are doing is not possible by just displaying the UIPickerView on a button press?

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Thanks for your answer. Yes, I just wanted to use a tool bar on top of the picker using the inputAccessoryView property. I think I'll go for a custom UIButton solution then. –  Dan Sep 30 '11 at 8:10

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