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I am trying to process salary details of employees depends upon some schedule using SQL Server 2005. Here some fields are evaluating from formula. like..eg.


here formula is getting from Table, it'll vary for diff accounts(HRA, Medical Allavance etc). Value of formula operators (eg. BS, Earning1) are in table. I want to replace operator strings with its value and to get formula result. Thanks in advance.

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Depends on the table and data. This should help.

SELECT account, (BS+Earning1)*10/100 as [SaleryFormula] 
FROM Table

BS will be replaced with the value in BS column for that account. That assumes each account has a single record in the Table. Otherwise

SELECT account, (SUM(BS)+SUM(Earning1))*10/100 as [SaleryFormula] 
FROM Table 
GROUP BY account
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Thnaks, I got the answer same way. –  Remya Oct 10 '11 at 5:22

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