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I am using zend.Following is my piece of code in my Action

 // create view object
                $html = new Zend_View();
                $html->setScriptPath(APPLICATION_PATH . '/layouts/scripts/');
                // assign values                

                $html->assign('OrderList', $this->view->OrderList);
                $html->assign('title', 'Package Slip');
                $html->assign('current_date', date("F d, Y"));

                // render view
                $bodyText = $html->render('test.phtml');  
                $mail = new Zend_Mail('utf-8');
                ->setFrom('noreply@metalxplus.com', 'admin')

When I echo this $bodyText variable before sending mail, I got complete page with css. But when i send it to mail, css is not applying. What i have to do here? Kindly advice

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Many email clients utilise old version of html and therefore do not respect css. Gmail for instance will not respect any css you add to your message.

To view output, I suggest using either litmus or email on acid which displays how your message will look across a range of email clients.

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First of all, view the source of the e-mail to see if the e-mail even contains the CSS you expect. If you're using relative paths; this might be the source of the issue. When you visit a page on, say, //example.com/hello, a path such as "/css/style.css" will be requested as "//example.com/css/style.css".

An e-mail client has no such luxury; it doesn't have the domainname. You'll have to provide the full path to the CSS, ie "http://example.com/css/style.css".

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Actually i gave css as inline style... –  Dinesh Sep 30 '11 at 8:14

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