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In C, using scanf() with the parameters, scanf("%d %*d",&a,&b) acts differently. It enters value for just one variable not two! Please explain this!

scanf("%d %*d",&a,&b);
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The * basically means the specifier is ignored (integer is read, but not assigned).

Quotation from man scanf:

 *        Suppresses assignment.  The conversion that follows occurs as
          usual, but no pointer is used; the result of the conversion is
          simply discarded.
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An optional asterisk (*) right after the percent symbol denotes that the datum read by this format specifier is not to be stored in a variable.

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Asterisk (*) means that the value for format will be read but won't be written into variable. scanf doesn't expect variable pointer in its parameter list for this value. You should write:

scanf("%d %*d",&a);
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