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I have a very basic question. I am trying to read values of three EditText fields and save them as one item in an arraylist using an arrayadapter. My question is how can I group the three variables I read from the EditTexts and add them as a single item in the arraylist?

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class editTextString{
private String  str1
private String  str2
private String  str3

public editTextString(String data1,String data2,String data3){

str1 = data1;
str2 = data2;
str3 = data3;


now add this class to ArrayList..

just like below,

ArrayList<editTextString> list = new ArrayList<editTextString>();

editTextString data = new editTextString("edit1","edit2","edit3")

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You can create a custom object that holds the strings from 3 edittexts

And the array list can be

public class CustomObj{
    String str1;
    String str2;
    String str3;

    public CustomObj(String s1,String s2,String s3){
        this.str1 = s1;
        this.str2 = s2;
        this.str3 = s3;

ArrayList<CustomObj> customObjList = new ArrayList<CustomObj>();
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this will stored in the adapter

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public class MyObject {
    private String string1;
    private String string2;
    private String string3;

    public MyObject(String s1,String s2,String s3) {
        string1 = s1;
        string2 = s2;
        string3 = s3;

    public toString() {
        return string1 + " " + string 2 + " " +string3;// your string representation

MyObject[] adapterList = new MyObect[1];
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