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There are two tables with no relation defined eg : Bugs and Comments

For each bug id there are multiple comments.Suppose I am using a query like

  • select b.bugid,b.bugtitle,c.comment from bugs b , comments c where b.bugid = c.bugid

In hibernate search ,is there any method to write text queries for multifield searches ?

In case, for a search :- title:h* + comm:exce*

I used this code

      MultiFieldQueryParser mparser =   new MultiFieldQueryParser(new String[]
     { "comm",   "title" },new StandardAnalyzer());
    Query q = mparser.parse("title:h* + comm:exce*");
    FullTextQuery fq =fs.createFullTextQuery(q,org.sample.hibsearch.data.entity.LongDesc.class,

When i tried this the code resluts two entities ie execute two hqls than a single one i expected .

Is there any solution for these type of scenarios?

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As per this page:


it should be

title:h* OR comm:exce*

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This is a dead link. –  gwg yesterday

Same question was asked on the Hibernate Search Forum - https://forum.hibernate.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1001326

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infinite loop :) –  MichaelCleverly Apr 17 at 12:10

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