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I want to create label and check box dynamically. when i enter text in text box and give submit button,a check box and label with the text i entered in text box should be created..How to create ?

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I think you want this..

<div id="container">
<input id="test" type="text"  >
<input value="add" type="button"  onClick="add()">

var i=0;
function add(){    
    if (document.getElementById('test').value!='') 
        var title   =document.getElementById('test').value;
        var node = document.createElement('div');        
        node.innerHTML = '<input type="checkbox" id="check' + i + '" name="check' + i + '"><label for="check' + i + '">'+ title +'</label>';       
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For the label try this:

var newlabel = document.createElement("Label");
newlabel.innerHTML = "Here goes the text";
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