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I am used to using Cucumber or StoryQ with Selenium/Webdriver (based upon my platform) for automated UI testing in a continous integration environment, I have looked at White for winforms testing before now however the problem I am facing is that my next project is targetting Compact.Net and I would like to continue testing in this manner.

So could anyone recommend any tool which would be akin to Selenium or White, but support Compact.Net UIs. Ideally I would like to use StoryQ and write the tests in C# for this one as there will be more developers than testers.

One thing that I cannot get my head around 100% is that the forms are hosted on the device/emulator, so I am assuming if anything can do what im asking it would require the build server to have an emulator running on it to carry out these tests.

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There isnt a tool to do what I want really, there are some commerical apps that allow you to do some of what I was after but its no where near as simple as I had hoped. –  Grofit Oct 24 '11 at 8:46

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There was some discussion of this in Automated GUI Testing .NET CF (Windows Mobile 5). Whatever tool you use will have to run inside the emulator as well.

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Yeah seen this one, but it didnt come out with any conclusive answers and is about 2 years old. Just wanted to see if anything new had come on the scene... I doubt it thought as compact.net is dead and buried now... –  Grofit Oct 4 '11 at 6:47

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