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I installed BugTracket.net and it works.

Now I want to use the feature to send email bugs.

(Home page: http://ifdefined.com/bugtrackernet.html)

(Doc for this feature: http://ifdefined.com/doc_bug_tracker_pop3.html)

I installed btnet_service.exe and it is started.

In btnet_service.exe.config, I put:

  • my ConnectionString
  • the default gmail pop
  • admin / admin (default account on BugTracket.net) for username / password.

I created a project and I checked "Enable bugs Receiving via POP3 (btnet_service.exe)".

Now I do not understand what I have to put in:

  • Pop3 Username
  • Pop3 Password
  • From Email Address

Then I did not understand to whom I send mail (BugTracker.net has an email address?).

And what should be the contents of the mail?

The documentation does not help enough.

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In fact there were two ways to enable the recovery of emails from pop3:

  • btnet_service.exe
  • Web.config (pop3 directly by asp)

I used the second way, it works perfectly.

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