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I am trying to get PHPUnit working in Netbeans. I was using 3.4.9 but that refused to work and it was suggested to upgrade to the latest version. I have now upgraded to 3.5.15 and when I run it I get the following message:

unrecognized option --log-xml

I understand that this is not a valid logging option, however I do not know where this is being set or how to change it. My phpunit.xml file is:

<phpunit bootstrap="./application/bootstrap.php"  colors="true">
    <testsuite name="Personal Development">
            <directory suffix=".php">../application/</directory>
                <directory suffix=".phtml">../application/</directory>

        <log type="coverage-html" target="./log/report" charset="UTF-8"
            yui="true" highlight="true" lowUpperBound="50" highLowerBound="80"/>
        <log type="testdox-html" target="./log/testdox.html" />

How do I fix this error?

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I assume it gets passed when phpunit is invoked, check the command that get's execute and look if there is some configuration you can influence. –  hakre Sep 30 '11 at 10:34

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In order to force PHPUnit to use the correct files, I had to right click on the project name, Set Configuration, Customize, PHPUnit, then specify implicitly where the bootstrap and XML Config files were.

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I encountered a similar problem using XAMPP, PHPUnit 3.5 and NetBeans 7. The problem is, that NetBeans for some reason always passes the option "--log-xml" to phpunit.bat, but this option does not exist in PHPUnit 3.5 any more.

My solution was to edit the PHPUnit configuration XML file: C:\xampp\php\PEAR\tests\MIME_Type\tests\phpunit.xml

(Note that the file path depends on the path your PEAR or PHPUnit installation is located!)

I had to append a new node, "logging":

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<phpunit strict="true" colors="true"
   <directory suffix=".php">../MIME/</directory>
  <log type="junit" target="c:/xampp/tmp/logfile.xml" logIncompleteSkipped="false"/>

After this change, NetBeans does not pass the "--log-xml" option anymore, but the "--log-junit" option, which is valid for PHPUnit 3.5. MyTests do now validate again. :-)

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