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This question is related to the ActiveAdmin gem. I'm trying to filter a column that has a boolean type but with no success: filter :column_name and filter :column_name, :as => :boolean don't work.

Any idea?


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filter :column_name, :as => :select will create a drop down with values "Any", "True", "False"

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Thanks, it works! –  Amokrane Chentir Sep 30 '11 at 13:01

As of ActiveAdmin 0.6.2, using filter :column_name, as: :select now has the horrible side effect of doing a complete table scan. Plus, its options are now "Any", "true", "false".

For example, if I have a District model with the boolean column enabled then filter :enabled, as: :select generates the query SELECT DISTINCT "districts"."enabled" FROM "districts" ORDER BY enabled asc to obtain the 3 values. My districts table is quite large, so this is clearly not what I want.

OTOH, while I can now use filter :column_name, as: :boolean, it uses a checkbox that defaults to not being checked, which is again not what I want.

To restore the pre-0.6.2 behavior, I had to do this: filter :enabled, as: :select, collection: [["Yes", true], ["No", false]]. ActiveAdmin drops in the "Any" value for me.

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