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We have developed a User Interface as an MMC snap-in but we’re having issues displaying icons inside a Treeview on Windows XP.

Basically, icons (.ico) added to ImageLists of a TreeView are simply not visible on Windows XP. We researched on the internet and received some pointers. , like these –

    This suggest drawing a Bitmap using the ico file.

    This is an MSDN resource that suggests a few points to note in this regard.

    This MSDN resource has a note that requires us to add Application.EnableVisualStyles() and Application.DoEvents() just before InitializeComponents() - but since we are building an MMC snap-in, I cannot understand where to use these.

    This link - has some information about this but it is for VC++ whereas our entire code is in C#

Any clue?

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This is a workaround - Populate the SmallImageList in the constructor and you should get this working.

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