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I am refactoring some code is a Drupal module I wrote sometime age. In order for others to use it, I am adding a configuration page.

I have successfully defined a fieldset but I don't know how to 'insert' content in to it. The following code sets up radios for each node type defined on my site:

        $node_types =   node_get_types('names');
    $test   =   array(
        '#title'            =>  t('tweeting node'),
        '#type'             =>  'radios',
        '#options'          =>  $node_types,
        '#default_value'    =>  'Page',
        '#weight'           =>  0,

And the following defines my fieldset into which I want to insert the radio buttons generated above:

        $form['twitterhelper_nodecollection']   =   array(
        '#type'                             =>  'fieldset',
        '#title'                            =>  t('select a node'),
        '#weight'                           =>  0,
        '#collapsible'                      =>  TRUE,
        '#collapsed'                        => FALSE,
        '#parents'  =>  $test,

Can anyone help, please?

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to add any form element inside the fieldset you should insert this form element inside the field set array ...


$form['myfieldset'] = array( 
'#type' => 'fieldset' , 
'#collapsible' => TRUE ,
'#title' => t('My FIeldset'),
'#attributes' => array('id' => 'myfieldset-id'),

$form['myfieldset']['myradios'] = array(
'#type' => 'radios' , 
'#attributes' => array('id' =>'myradio-attributes') , 

so the fieldset is the parent of the radios not the contrast

hop that help you

you can append the radios inside the field set by using the jquery as the following

jQuery(document).ready(start) ; 
function start(){
  // i added this id by '#attributes'

but its not the drupal way

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