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I am developing application using webview in android. i am loading a page into webview and splitting multiple columns dynamically using CSS3 webkit property. once user reach the last page/column i have to show the TOC confirmation dialog. can anyone please advice me how to do that ?

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You need to provide the information of your paging method - if you use the native overflow scroll, try to get the value of scrollX – vincicat Nov 17 '11 at 16:47

How your TOC confirmation dialog is setup?

One possible solution could be to use the :nth-last-of-type(N) selector to select last page/column element http://reference.sitepoint.com/css/pseudoclass-nthlastoftype.

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Try putting a small element at the end of the text, and then wait for it to appear on screen. It is easily done using jQuery with jquery-appear.

I forked @visualidiot's jsfiddle to create an example using said techniques. Haven't tested it using jQuery Mobile though.

  • I put a <span> element at the end of the text. The span is floated right to make sure (most of) the last column is shown. In this example, the <span> is not empty (and highly visible), but it would be better if it was just empty.
  • The javascript confirm() dialog screws up the scrolling a bit by locking mouse focus on the scroll slider (tested in Chrome 16 on Windows). Showing a confirm dialog in HTML would not.
  • Since .appear() works for vertical scrolling as well, this degrades nicely when not having -webkit-column-* available (tested using IE9).
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Get the total width of your element, and divide it by the width of a single column. Here's an example: http://jsfiddle.net/Ecp9M/

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