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I'd like to execute some custom code every time Lync 2010 receives a call. I tried it with a Conversation Window Extension (CWE), which contains a Silverlight client, and the Silverlight client uses the Lync API, like this:

var lync = LyncClient.GetClient();
lync.ConversionManager.ConversionAdded += ...

The problem is, this code gets executed only when the user accepts an incoming call. How can I execute code like this exactly in the moment when the call comes in? Not after the user accepts the call, but while "the phone rings"?

Thank you

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That's right, the extension will only be displayed when you have a conversation window to show it in - which means accepting the conversation first.

If you want to trap incoming calls you can do this with the Lync SDK - theres more info on exactly how to do this in the accepted answer to this question here

If you're trying to build a screen-pop type application, i'll be blogging about that in the coming weeks at codelync.com

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thanks, I implemented it using a background service which uses the Lync SDK –  cheeesus Oct 4 '11 at 14:35

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