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The jQueryUI theme picker widget is awesome and I would really like to use it for a project in ASP.NET. But the theme picker loads the files from the jQuery website which isn't necessary because I have a copy of it. I did look into the code that is created by the theme switcher widget from here http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/themeswitchertool/ and the urls are hardcoded. Well I don't mind changing the url's :) just wondered why all those styles and font sizes have been specified in the query string and how can I get it to work with my local files?

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It's dead simple. After looking into the theme switcher gadget i was able to understand that html markup for the themes too are hard coded. Here is a snippet of how your new to be added theme should look if you wanted to add custom themes.

<a link="relative link to css">
<img src="source of image to show in drop down"/>
<span>Theme name</span>

you just have to create a image of for how the theme looks in image editor, drop the link to css that's it.

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