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I have one div positioned inside my popup and it contains the content to be displayed inside the popup .

Now , I am implementing it to have the property overflow:auto but I have one problem here.

Here is my div :

<div style="max-height:500px;max-width:500px;overflow:auto;">
<strong>Ad Tag for "sdk call test - greystripe"</strong><br><br>
   &lt;sdkcall network="greystripe" appid="4ca44ca5-621d-4c13-b035-4c694868253e" slotname="interstitial" slottype="kGSAdSizeIPhoneFullScreen" /&gt;

in case where my content is small the horizontal scroll gets displayed immidiately after the content .

Given below are two such scenarios :

enter image description here

Again in case where the content is large :

enter image description here

I need to align the scroller at the very bottom of the outer div i.e. the popup-block div . I have tried with height,width=100% but it didn't solve my problem.

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If you give your outer div a height 100% than your inner element should be able to use height 100%. Else if it is a fixed height you can set the height in pixels.

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That is exactly what I have tried . I tried to set the height and width both to pixel value as they are set for my outer div but to no help. – debaShish Sep 30 '11 at 12:56
Try display:block; – JNDPNT Sep 30 '11 at 12:58

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