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Checking Date these dates fail What do I need to change?

20 Jan 2013
20 jan 2013
20 JAN 2013
2 Jan 2013
30 Jan 2013
20 feb 2013
20 jun 2013


function ValidateFutureDate(alertstring,pCheckDate)
        // Default Return Variable to return success.
        var returnSuccess = 1;

        // setup a temporary array.
        var temp = new Array();

        // split the date into the array.
        temp = pCheckDate.split(' ');

        // Setup the Test Date 
        var testDate = new Date ( temp[1]+" "+temp[0]+", "+temp[2] );
        var testMonth=testDate.getMonth()+1;
        if  (testMonth<10)
            testMonth = "0"+testDate.getMonth();
        // This is the Date to test if it is a valid date.        
        var testIsDate = ( testMonth+"/"+temp[0]+"/"+temp[2] );

        // Is this a valid Date
        if(!(isDate(testIsDate))) {
            returnSuccess = 0;
        } else if
        // Check to see if this date is greater then today.
        (!(testDate.getTime() > (new Date().getTime()))) {
            //return Failure zero is a failure.
            returnSuccess = 0;
            alertstring = alertstring + 'Expiration must be in the future. \n';

    // Return the Success or Failure of the Date Format Validation
    return returnSuccess;

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What the down votes? I am trying to figure out how to make this work? What am I doing wrong? –  Nathan Stanford Sep 30 '11 at 13:15
You are more likely to attract answers if you describe what is going wrong and how you have attempted to debug it. –  Michael Berkowski Sep 30 '11 at 13:15
I am using Js-Test-Driver and I tested a whole bunch of dates and then these dates were not working. I don't know why. The return variable is 1 if it is a valid date and 0 if not. –  Nathan Stanford Sep 30 '11 at 13:17
Hint: use alert(text), document.write(text), or (best option) Firebug's console.log(text) to debug contents of variables before asking. That's usually enough to spot some obvious flaws. –  jakub.g Sep 30 '11 at 13:41

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The following section of your code isn't quite right:

var testDate = new Date ( temp[1]+" "+temp[0]+", "+temp[2] );
var testMonth=testDate.getMonth()+1;
if  (testMonth<10)
   testMonth = "0"+testDate.getMonth();   // change this line

When you initialise testMonth you remember to add 1 because .getMonth() returns a zero-based month, but then inside your if test you use .getMonth() again without adding 1. You should change that to testMonth = "0" + testMonth;.

(Also, not the problem, but when you create temp there is no point initialising it to a new array when on the next line you assign it to something else.)

Sorry, I have to go so I don't have time to look for any other issues in your code.

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Thanks I bet this was it. testing now. –  Nathan Stanford Sep 30 '11 at 13:49
By the way I had planned once I got it working to change the temp code as well. I just wanted to make sure what I did worked and was not due to some unknown issue. Thanks –  Nathan Stanford Sep 30 '11 at 13:51

How your isDate looks? I've checked the following (with testMonth = "0" + testMonth change):

document.write( ""+ValidateFutureDate("---","20 Jan 2013"));
document.write( ""+ValidateFutureDate("---","20 jan 2013"));
document.write( ""+ValidateFutureDate("---","20 JAN 2013"));
document.write( ""+ValidateFutureDate("---","2 Jan 2013"));
document.write( ""+ValidateFutureDate("---","30 Jan 2013"));
document.write( ""+ValidateFutureDate("---","20 feb 2013"));
document.write( ""+ValidateFutureDate("---","20 jun 2013"));


function isDate(date){
   return true;

and it prints 1 seven times (Firefox/Opera).

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cool thanks... I think this might be it... I slipped. –  Nathan Stanford Sep 30 '11 at 13:49

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