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As i don't seem to be able to understand this interaction: Whats the deal with TIFF files and Tkinter? I can generate a PhotoImage instance with ImageTk, but when I want to display it on a Tk frame I only get a blank/white picture (same with ). When I convert it to a numpy matrix I get the correct data, so the TIFF itself should be alright.

Do I need some extra package for TIFF support? Is the problem that it's a 32bit grayscale TIFF?

If I am doing something wrong in my coding, could you give some (precise) pointers, this is starting to bug me, didn't think I'd spend a day try to display a picture...

import Image
import ImageTk
import numpy"testtest.tif")

Like I said: The file itself is a 32bit TIFF, which represents intensity values between 1 and about 50000. I am ok with significant downscaling, I just need it for aesthetic reasons, but the proportions in intensity must not get lost.

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Can you post copy somewhere of a TIFF file that won't display and link to it so that we can reproduce the problem? – Steven Rumbalski Sep 30 '11 at 17:33
ok solved... turned out that just the values contained in the file were "too" high, so that they were all displayed as the highest white. diveded the array by 200 and it works. but i dont get why the colorscale doesnt get adjusted... – Jakob Oct 4 '11 at 8:05

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