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In my phone there is an app called PhotoFunia and it has a option to take picture. Whenever I take picture it shows me a page like given in below image: enter image description here

I'm wondering which is this control which is giving Gallery and Camera on the same screen? I have used CameraCaptureTask and PhotoChooserTask separately but the this app is using both control on the same page. So please can anyone tell me whether it is a custom control or default. Is it a hidden application bar and showing when a PhotoChooserTask is launched?

I want to implement the similar concept in my application so then whenever a user want to take a picture in application then he can take it from the single screen rather then launching the PhotoChooserTask or CameraCaptureTask separately.

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Is is the PhotoChooserTask with the ShowCamera property set to true, which enables the user to select an existing photo or take a new one.

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Thank you Derek Lakin – Vikas Patidar Oct 1 '11 at 19:24

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