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I'm a beginner in C++ server pages. I have tried C++ Server Pages by micronovae, but couldnt connect ODBC it used to give link error "undefined reference to SQLAllocHandle@12", I could not resolve it. Similar to micronovae,POCO also provides C++ Server Pages. so thought of try it. I tried one sample from .

What I did is, firstly created a file called TimeHandler.html along with following contents inside it:

<%@ page class="TimeHandler" %>
    #include "Poco/DateTime.h"
    #include "Poco/DateTimeFormatter.h"
    #include "Poco/DateTimeFormat.h"

    using Poco::DateTime;
    using Poco::DateTimeFormatter;
    using Poco::DateTimeFormat;

    DateTime now;
    std::string dt(DateTimeFormatter::format(now, DateTimeFormat::SORTABLE_FORMAT));
<title>Time Sample</title>
<h1>Time Sample</h1>
<p><%= dt %></p>

Then, I used the commandline Pagecompiler tool, i.e., CPSPCD from command prompt, and it generated following two files,..

1) TimeHandler.cpp

#include "TimeHandler.h"
#include "Poco/Net/HTTPServerRequest.h"
#include "Poco/Net/HTTPServerResponse.h"
#include "Poco/Net/HTMLForm.h"

#line 2 "C:\\Users\\Admin\\Desktop\\data structures\\vinz\\TimeHandler.html"

    #include "Poco/DateTime.h"
    #include "Poco/DateTimeFormatter.h"
    #include "Poco/DateTimeFormat.h"

    using Poco::DateTime;
    using Poco::DateTimeFormatter;
    using Poco::DateTimeFormat;

void TimeHandler::handleRequest(Poco::Net::HTTPServerRequest& request, Poco::Net::HTTPServerResponse& response)

   Poco::Net::HTMLForm form(request,;
   std::ostream& responseStream = response.send();
   responseStream << "";
   responseStream << "\n";
   responseStream << "";
   responseStream << "\n";
   responseStream << "\n";
   responseStream << "";
#line 13 "C:\\Users\\Admin\\Desktop\\data structures\\vinz\\TimeHandler.html"

    DateTime now;
    std::string dt(DateTimeFormatter::format(now, DateTimeFormat::SORTABLE_FORMAT));
   responseStream << "\n";
   responseStream << "<html>\n";
   responseStream << "<head>\n";
   responseStream << "<title>Time Sample</title>\n";
   responseStream << "</head>\n";
   responseStream << "<body>\n";
   responseStream << "<h1>Time Sample</h1>\n";
   responseStream << "<p>";
#line 23 "C:\\Users\\Admin\\Desktop\\data structures\\vinz\\TimeHandler.html"
   responseStream << ( dt );
   responseStream << "</p>\n";
   responseStream << "</body>\n";
   responseStream << "</html>";

2) TimeHandler.h

#ifndef TimeHandler_INCLUDED
#define TimeHandler_INCLUDED

#include "Poco/Net/HTTPRequestHandler.h"

class TimeHandler: public Poco::Net::HTTPRequestHandler
   void handleRequest(Poco::Net::HTTPServerRequest& request, Poco::Net::HTTPServerResponse& response);

#endif // TimeHandler_INCLUDED

And then I created new project in VS 2010 and added these two files and compiled. There were few issues, but later I updated environment variables and it went on fine. But there is one last error, "....Unresolved symbol _main....".

There was no main inside it.. so how do I run this program?? if not this program, atleast would someone give an overview as to how to embed C++ code inside html, compile and run it..!

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for info, also look at klone, google Native Client; Not that I recommend doing websites in C++, but just showing the other options – sehe Sep 30 '11 at 14:02
hi sehe, Thanks for the quick reply. Native client is however not what i'm looking at, because in NativeClient C++ code is executed by the browser (just like javascript). what i want is somewhat similar to php or asp (server-side scripting). "klone" seems to fit perfect, but its not free (1950 EUR !). Any similar ones for free-license? – Vinay C Sep 30 '11 at 14:43
not that I'm aware of. – sehe Sep 30 '11 at 14:47
its okay. Anyway thank you for those links, i was not aware of it ! – Vinay C Sep 30 '11 at 15:15

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The samples you show only create the individual page (handler) implementation.

You need to add an actual HTTPServer to serve that page.


There is a sample in the sources download under\poco-1.4.2p1\Net\samples\HTTPTimeServer

You should be able to get something working from there

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added pointer to sample – sehe Sep 30 '11 at 14:59
Thank you sehe. – Vinay C Oct 1 '11 at 1:46

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