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I know next to nothing about ocaml, but I want to install Coccinelle (on cygwin), which has a dependency to the binary ocamlfind.

However, installing either ocaml-3.11.0-win-mgw.exe or ocaml-3.11.0-win-msvc.exe from http://caml.inria.fr/download.en.html, there are no such binary. In fact not a single file in the installed directory contains any reference to the string "ocamlfind".

And downloading the source code (ocaml-3.12.1), grep only finds the following references:

./Changes:- PR#5165: ocamlbuild does not pass '-thread' option to ocamlfind
./Changes:- PR#5217: ocamlfind plugin should add '-linkpkg' for toplevel
./ocamlbuild/command.ml:        else None (* Sh"ocamlfind ocamlc" for example will not be digested. *)
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:  | Cannot_run_ocamlfind
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:  | Cannot_run_ocamlfind ->
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:let ocamlfind = "ocamlfind"
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:        run_and_parse Lexers.ocamlfind_query
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:          "%s query -l -predicates byte %s" ocamlfind name
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:          "%s query -a-format -predicates native %s" ocamlfind name
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:        run_and_parse Lexers.blank_sep_strings "%s query -r -p-format %s" ocamlfind name
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:          (* TODO: Improve to differenciate whether ocamlfind cannot be
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:          error Cannot_run_ocamlfind
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:  run_and_parse Lexers.blank_sep_strings "%s list | cut -d' ' -f1" ocamlfind
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:make another ocamlfind query such as:
./ocamlbuild/findlib.ml:  ocamlfind query -p-format -r package1 package2 ... *)
./ocamlbuild/lexers.mli:val ocamlfind_query : Lexing.lexbuf ->
./ocamlbuild/lexers.mll:and ocamlfind_query = parse
./ocamlbuild/lexers.mll:  | _ { raise (Error "Bad ocamlfind query") }
./ocamlbuild/manual/manual.tex:\texttt{ocamlfind}).  Here is the list of relevant options:
./ocamlbuild/ocaml_specific.ml:  if !Options.use_ocamlfind then begin
./ocamlbuild/ocaml_specific.ml:      (* Note: if there is no -pkg option, ocamlfind won't be called *)
./ocamlbuild/ocaml_specific.ml:if not !Options.use_ocamlfind then begin
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:let use_ocamlfind = ref false
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:    "ocamlyacc"; "menhir"; "ocamllex"; "ocamlmklib"; "ocamlmktop"; "ocamlfind"]
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:let ocamlfind x = S[V"OCAMLFIND"; x]
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:   "-use-ocamlfind", Set use_ocamlfind, " Use ocamlfind to call ocaml compilers";
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:  if !use_ocamlfind then begin
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:    ocamlc := ocamlfind & A"ocamlc";
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:    ocamlopt := ocamlfind & A"ocamlopt";
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:    ocamldep := ocamlfind & A"ocamldep";
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:    ocamldoc := ocamlfind & A"ocamldoc";
./ocamlbuild/options.ml:    ocamlmktop := ocamlfind & A"ocamlmktop";
./ocamlbuild/signatures.mli:  val use_ocamlfind : bool ref
./ocamlbuild/signatures.mli:    | Cannot_run_ocamlfind
./ocamlbuild/signatures.mli:      (** Transitive closure, as returned by [ocamlfind query -r]. *)

and none of this is any references to install of such a binary. So I am sort of lost on how to proceed. Go back to older releases of ocaml?

BTW, the native ocaml cygwin packages did also not contain any ocamlfind binary.

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Is google down today? http://projects.camlcity.org/projects/findlib.html

There is no precompiled binary, but on cygwin it compiles fine out of the box.

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Out of the box is a bit relative, it has a dependency to ncurses-devel which I did not have. But yes, when that was solved, it compiled fine. –  hlovdal Sep 30 '11 at 14:57
ncurses? There is some tui wizard, but it is optional afair. I definitely compiled it on fresh cygwin and mingw installs without any additional steps. –  ygrek Oct 3 '11 at 8:51

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