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I have a collection in mongo where objects appear as follows:

{ name:"Scott", bio:"Stumped", roles:["USR","ADM"] }

Many more roles are possible. I want to perform any combination of intersection queries, like so:


Some queries may be all role =, some may be all roles !=, and some may be mixed as with the above example. I have had some measure of success with $or and $nor, but absolutely no query I can fathom works with $and. I have even tried leveraging $where and $elemMatch to emulate what I want. I am also really trying to avoid multiple queries w/ the application handling intersection. Ideas?

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Hint?: I know in mongo collections are just stored as ordered strings internal to mongo.. maybe there is some query where you can list out the serialized permutations you are looking for? –  Scott Sep 30 '11 at 15:03
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I think this would help you, at least it returns the result you are looking for

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Take a second look, I want some of the criteria to be negated. Example: Give me all objects where roles contains USR but not ADM. This does solve part of my question though, getting closer! –  Scott Sep 30 '11 at 15:14
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Found the answer:

db.coll.find( {roles : { $all : ["USR"], $nin : ["ADM"]}} )

Thanks Hohhi for leading me down the right path!

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