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I am parsing command output and putting results into array.

Works fine until exiting the inner loop - output array is empty.

declare -a KEYS


# this extracts key NAMES from log in format "timestamp keycode"
$glue_dir/get_keys $ip | while read line; do
    echo line: $line
    set -- $line # $1 timestamp $2 keycode
    echo 1: $1 2: $2
    key=(`egrep "\\s$2$" "$glue_dir/keycodes"`) # tested for matching '40' against 401, 402 etc
    set -- $key # $1 key name $2 keycode
    echo key $1
    echo KEYS inside loop: "${KEYS[@]}"
    echo KEYS outside loop: "${KEYS[@]}"

The output when run agains two output lines:

line: 1270899320451 38
1: 1270899320451 2: 38
key UP
KEYS inside loop: UP
line: 1270899320956 40
1: 1270899320956 2: 40
key DOWN
KEYS inside loop: UP DOWN
KEYS outside loop:

I spent an hour trying to figure this out. Please help. ;-)

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Thanks man, your question saved me! as well as the answer! –  Oz123 Jan 5 '12 at 12:47

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When you use a pipe (|) to pass your command output to while, your while loop runs in a subshell. When the loop ends, your subshell terminates and your variables will not be available outside your loop.

Use process substitution instead:

while read line; do
   # ...
done < <($glue_dir/get_keys $ip)
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I was SO close to this solution, but failed due to the < < mark, i did done <(command) instead of done < <(command) .. Thanks. –  zytek Sep 30 '11 at 15:13
You're very welcome. –  Shawn Chin Sep 30 '11 at 15:14

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