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I have created a jQuery plugin that changes the generic select box into something pretty, however I am having a problem, when the plugin is used more than once on the page I run into problems, for example when I trigger the click event that slides the options of the dropdown down, all the selects on the page slidedown, how can I stop this?


* Select-Me create pretty select lists using a <ul> inplace of the <select>
* Author: Simon Ainley
* Version: 0.0.1

        $.fn.selectMe = function(options) {  
            var defaults = {
                select_text : null,
                remove_first_value : false,
                speed : 1000

            var options = $.extend(defaults, options);

            return this.each(function() {
                //get an instance of the object we are working with
                var obj = $(this);
                var obj_name = obj.attr('name');
                obj.closest('form').append('<input type="hidden" id="dropdown_value" value="" name="'+obj_name+'"/>');
                var options = $("option", obj);
                var replacement_list_heading = "<dl id='dropdown'><dt><span>"+defaults.select_text+"</span><a href=''>Go</a></dt></dl>";
                var values_start = "<dd class='shadow_50'><ul></ul></dd>";
                if(defaults.remove_first_value == true) {
                    options.splice(0, 1);
                    $("#dropdown dd ul").append(
                        '<li><a href="#"><span class="option">' + 
                        $(this).text() + '</span><span class="value">' + 
                        $(this).val() + '</span></a></li>'


                $('#dropdown li a').hover(function() {
                }, function() { 

                $("#dropdown dt a").click(function() {
                    $("#dropdown dd").slideToggle(defaults.speed);
                    return false;

                $("#dropdown ul a").click(function(e) {
                    var value = $(this).find('span').text();
                    $("#dropdown dt span").text($('.selected .option').text());
                    $("#dropdown dd").slideUp(defaults.speed);
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no answer to your question, but you shouldn't use ID-attrbutes inside your plugin if it should work on multiple elements. – Dr.Molle Sep 30 '11 at 15:08

When attaching the event handlers like click, what you want to do is find the elements in context to your current obj, right now you have a very general selector i.e

$("#dropdown dt a").click(function() {

This will select all the dropdowns( btw you can't have two elements with the same id, looks like your plugin is creating a dl with id = "dropdown" for each select). What you want to do is select the dropdown in context to your current obj, so roughly maybe something like this

obj.closest('.dropdown dt a').click(function() {...

Do the same for the other events as well, use the selectors in context to the current element.

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Or maybe just store the link when you're adding the replacement HTML (& save a search) var link = obj.closest('form').prepend(replacement_list_heading).find("a"); – meloncholy Sep 30 '11 at 16:08

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