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I'm facing a problem when trying to generate a report based on some java bean's. Suppose i have this configuration: a master bean, say Bean1, with the following atributes: - String name - String age - ArrayList bean2

Bean2 with the following atributes: String text -ArrayList

Bean3 is the last child of the tree and it is composed by: String text

(I have more levels but this is enough for you to understand) I'm using SubReport component to access data inside every ArrayList of a bean and it works well (using JRBeanCollectionDataSource()). The problem is that, at Bean3, i have acess to all text field of EVERY Bean2. For example: i have an ArrayList of size 2: bean2_1 and bean2_2. bean2_1 has an ArrayList of size 2 and bean2_2 has an ArrayList of size 3.

When i print the content of Bean3 (field text) for bean2_1 and bean2_2, it shows all 5 text values for all my beans: bean2_1 and bean2_2. Anyone had already faced this problem? How can i bind the differente levels to show only the correct data??

My best regards.

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