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I use N servers ,everyone accept tcp connection by M client.

This process is iterated k times, and I some times have bind Exception in ServerSocket creation.

sock = new ServerSocket(port,700);

The value of variable port is in this interval 50000+[0..N], the problem is that at each iteration of the process (cycle in k) the value of port is the same, so I have that some ports is opened yet by the past cycle, and bindException is thrown.

I can't change interval of port value at each cycle, and I'm sure that all sockets are closed by close() call at each cycle. I think that my program is too fast at do a cycle and create a new socket then the stack JAva VM-Windows 7, to release tcp ports...

Is there a method to speed the ports release after close() ??

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Let me see if I have this straight: You have a lot of servers being connected to by a single client. Each time you disconnect from a server, the server starts listening on a different port? – claymore1977 Sep 30 '11 at 15:39

I don't think you can control the time a port is fully released, as that is actually controlled by the OS.

When userland (the Java code) release it, actually it is up to the OS free up all the related system resource associated with the binding.

Looking at the problem other way around, why you want to attached to the same port in such a short burst of time? Creating network connection is a heavy operation which in most case you will want to minimize it if possible.

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