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I'm trying to make a drop-down menu, works fine in firefox It does not work in other browsers

get the following error:

jQuery(".parent").hover(  function () {
    jQuery(this).toggleClass("activeli").(".parent").stop(true, true).slideToggle(); << error line

This is the web link http://www.jeanca.com/clientes/evoca/

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Firefox says "Error: XML filter is applied to non-XML value ({0:#1=({}), context:#1#, length:1}) Source File: jeanca.com/clientes/evoca Line: 55". It must just keep going where other browsers bail. –  jprofitt Sep 30 '11 at 16:02

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The problem is toggleClass("activeli").(".parent") Probably should be.

jQuery(this).toggleClass("activeli").find(".parent").stop(true, true).slideToggle();
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