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how can I get the first element

<outline title="Javascript" text="Javascript"> </outline>

from this XElement

<outline title="Javascript" text="Javascript">
 <outline text="j" title="j" type="rss" xmlUrl="http://wwww.Java.com/rss2.xml"/>

this is my code

var desireXElement =existXElement.Where(w => (string) w.Attribute("title") == "Javascript").FirstOrDefault();
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Sorry, I don't understand what the problem is, if you have the XElement already, why would you need to search for it? The only change from the input I see is that the child "outline" element is removed. Do you want to remove that from the original element? Or do you want to remove the child from a copy? Perhaps doing XElement desiredElement = new XElement(existXElement.DescendantsAndSelf("outline").First(el => el.Attribute("title").Value == "Javascript")); desiredElement.Nodes().Remove(); ias what you want, it searches for the first "outline" with that title, creates a copy, removes children –  Martin Honnen Sep 30 '11 at 16:45
I want to select only first element without its child elements.your code do it. tanx –  Mohammad_saheb Sep 30 '11 at 18:34

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You can't select a node without that node containing its child nodes. Such a "selection" would be equivalent to a mutation. You can create a new XElement that is a copy and then mutate the new one:-

 var desireElement = new XElement(existXElement.Where(w => (string)w.Attribute("title") == "Javascript").First());

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