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I want to add error handling to my view-models so that when a command is executed and an exception thrown, the error is handled gracefully and a modal dialog displayed.

I've got this working but my approach is a too wordy. Errors are trapped within a command and then published via an IObservable. A behavior subscribes to the errors - creating an appropriate view model and passing to the WindowManager. While it works, I'd prefer something more declarative.

Instead I want to decorate or intercept calls to commannds (bound to a button) and provide generic error handling. The try-catch might call out to a method on the view model or command that is decorated with a Rescue attribute.

I understand this is possible within Caliburn but can it be done with Micro? Perhaps there's an alternative approach?

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Have a look at this question I asked on SO and subsequently answered with help via the CM codeplex forum.

I slightly modified the RescueAttribute of this CM filters implementation to allow the error handling routine to be executed as a coroutine.

This in combination with the ShowModal IResult available in some of the samples should get you what you want.

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