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I need to insert audio tracks to a big mp3 file. The mp3 file is about 40 minutes long and I would like to add tracks so that I can skip a track or go back to a track. Instead of doing this manually by using tools like audacity, I would like to automate this by using a script (any script). Like passing the file name and location and the script add tracks in 10 minute intervals. Is there a sample source code in java that I can learn from? Java happens to be my preferred choice but doesn't have to be. Any suggestions?

I had a similar question posted yesterday and a moderator closed it out saying it was vague or incomplete. I hope this post more clear to understand and gets some suggestions.

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First step is to find a (Java) library that supports handling of MP3s. Lo and behold, other people have asked about Java mp3 libraries before. Based on that, take a look at the JLayer docs - your task will be trivial if the library supports it, and almost impossible if it doesn't. (Perhaps that's why it was closed before, since your question is close to "find me a library" rather than "help me solve this coding problem".) –  Andrzej Doyle Sep 30 '11 at 16:47
Thanks, i will look at the jlayer class –  ThomasDKim Sep 30 '11 at 18:38

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