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I have the following routing set up in my app (forms belong to a site):

map.resources :sites do |site| 
 site.resources :forms

However, when I try to go to a path for edit (or such) for a form using the helpers (e.g.



<%= link_to 'Show', [:site, form] %>

my URLs are coming out with the ID's swapped over ( /sites/5/forms/1 ) where 5 is the form Id, and 1 is the site id. This is from the page /sites/1.


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The edit_site_form_path method has to have two parameters, the site_id and the form_id. So in your example you are only passing in the form_id. The first parameter is what ever model comes first in the method, in this case it is site. The second parameter is the form_id.

A revamped path method might look like this

 edit_site_form_path(form.site, form)

(assuming you have a model Form which belongs_to :site)

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Bingo - I think I love you, this has been driving me nuts ;) – Neil Middleton Apr 17 '09 at 22:56

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