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I'm in the process of upgrading a client site to rev. 436 from an older version of sIFR 3, and can't for the life of me get the export to work correctly. I'm getting the following message when I view the .swf in the page or locally (via file://):

Rendered with sIFR 3, revision 436

However, if I view the file directly (e.g., http://localhost/path/to/font.swf), the message is:

Movie (436) is incompatible with sifr.js (undefined). Use movie of undefined.

I'm not usually this sIFR-stupid. Any ideas on where I should look?

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I should mention that I've exported the SWF a number of times, using the default Options.as file. Dropping the cochin.swf into place on the website works just fine, but for some reason my exports aren't working. (Flash CS4, OS X 10.5) –  user92243 Apr 18 '09 at 18:14
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The Flash movie and the sIFR JavaScript code need to be of the same revision. In your case, the Flash movie is r436 and the JavaScript code is so old it doesn't even pass a version number.

If it did, you might have seen something like:

Movie (436) is incompatible with sifr.js (419). Use movie of 419.

I guess this message could be a bit more clear, especially if there is no version number.

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Unfortunately, the .swf and sifr.js are actually both from the 436 rev. –  user92243 Apr 20 '09 at 15:02
You sure it's not a caching issue? Ping me on IM / mail if you like. –  Mark Wubben Apr 21 '09 at 20:52
Managed to fix it after exporting a bunch of times. Not sure what happened, but it managed to resolve itself somehow. shrug Thanks for the help, Mark. Really appreciate it, as always. –  user92243 May 11 '09 at 14:19
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i keep getting this too - it hasn't resolved, tho at other times on other blogs it has resolved - with no rhyme or reason.

i've seen this complaint many times with no explanation. downloading any build from the nightlies always gives this issue.

if it's a cache problem, it's a damn annoying one that really does no good for sifr, an otherwise excellent script...

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ok, figured it out. you must export with CS3 or below. exporting from CS4 causes this error! s

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I too am experiencing this problem. Exporting from Flash CS3 as Flash 8 does not work - it does render my text in the specified font, but says "Movie (436) is incompatible with ..." instead of displaying my text.

Exporting from Flash CS4 does the same as CS3, only with a different message - "Rendered with sIFR 3, revision 436"

Before the sIFR text renders I can see my plain text for a split second...then it gets replaced with the incorrect text mentioned above.

All code was from the nightlies - is there a stable, working release somewhere with a .swf that works included with the download?

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