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Let's hypothetically say that I wanted every tweet with a #example hash tag, within 15 miles of madison, wi, between June 10 and June 15.

Twitter does not offer this data that far back. Are there any other twitter resources that have this data?

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Anything new come out recently? –  user12345 Jul 15 '14 at 0:04

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There is a site called Snapbird that queries old tweets. They also have an API on Github that circumvents the 10 day search limit. You can of course use any API method for here on out to get your hashtagged tweets.


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Check out this listing of Twitter resources for retrieving historical data. It looks like Tweetbird is the top with Searchastic getting good reviews, but it's shutdown now.


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DataSift claims to have a twitter historical data api coming soon, you can signup to be notified when its available here.

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Topsy supports historical data requests and can limit to geo locations.

See: http://about.topsy.com/products/dataservices/

(Disclaimer: I work at Topsy).

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You are not available, since Apple bought Topsy, right? –  Samat Dec 11 '14 at 15:45

I work at Keyhole and they can get you historical tweets in xls or present them in a visual dashboard.

See: http://keyhole.co/conversation_tracking

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