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I'm trying to make something to find the median, mode, mean, and range of a set of data. Mean is easy to find using the programming; but median, mode, and range require the numbers to be in order (from least to greatest).

Also, I'm trying to assemble it so it returns the data I would need to make a box and whisker plot. (Not all, just the basic).

Right now I'm simply working on this: Order the numbers into a table (that a function will return)


Okay, here's the main question: How would I do this?

This is what I'm running on:

function Order_Numbers(Data_Set, Greatest_Integer, Least_Integer)
local Ordered = {} --Give a place for the numbers to go
for i=Least_Integer, Greatest_Integer do --Start from the lowest value, continue to highest.
table.insert(Ordered, Data_Set[i])
return Ordered

But it doesn't work! Anyone have ideas?

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Have you considered using table.sort? It even allows you to provide a function to do the comparison.

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If you can sort in place, use table.sort(Data_Set).

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The Lua distribution includes sort.lua which has a simple implementation of quick sort; slightly simplified, the core is as follows:

function qsort(vec, low, high)
  if low < high then
    local middle = partition(vec, low, high)
    qsort(vec, low, middle-1)
    qsort(vec, middle+1, high)

-> http://lua-users.org/wiki/LazySort

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This would be super helpful, '> attempt to call global "partition" (a nil value)' –  John Sep 30 '11 at 18:35

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